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We help people seek the justice and justice they deserve. We place great emphasis on providing exceptional legal representation and support to our clients, which also manifests in humanity in every matter. Sometimes the law is hard, but we will help you smooth it.

I'm moving on the whole Czech Republic, primarily Prague and Karlovy Vary.

More than 10 years in the legal profession have brought humility first. Every case deserves its time is no small client.

Services of our law firm

Civil law

Our office publishes articles mainly in peer-reviewed journals devoted to liability, family, compensation for damages. It deals with purchase agreements, real estate, family relations.

Administrative law

AK Ronald Němec Legal, s.r.o. specializes in offenses, especially in traffic (traffic violations, fines, points system, prevention of withdrawal of a driver's license, etc.).

Canon law

Founding member Ronald Němec is a graduate of Jan Pawl II University in Lublin, where he majored in theology and church law. He is currently completing a canonical doctoral program.

Protection of personality, press law

The special specialization of Ronald Němec Legal, s.r.o. is personal protection, protection of the reputation of legal entities, press law and freedom of expression. This topic was elaborated by Ronald Němec in his rigorous and doctoral thesis at Charles University. He has written several scholarly articles on the subject.

Law of Business Corporations

The clients of my law firm are small companies with only a few employees, but also entities with over 100 employees.

Criminal law

Ronald Němec Legal, s.r.o. deals mainly with property crimes and crimes related to the personality of a person, drugs and abuse.

Comprehensive legal expertise. Maximale resultater.

We place a strong focus on giving our clients an unwavering commitment to providing exceptional legal representation and support.

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“Sentinel Law Firm's dedication and expertise surpassed my expectations. Secured a substantial settlement for my personal injury case, ensuring my future financial security. Highly recommended!”

Elizabeth Henley
Personal Injury Case

“I am grateful for the exceptional legal representation provided by Sentinel Law Firm. Their professionalism, attention to detail, and relentless pursuit of justice led to a successful outcome.”

Ronald Huth
Data Protection Case

“I was wrongfully terminated, and Sentinel Law Firm came to my rescue. Tu a a.”

Charles Merd
Data Protection Case

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A strong focus on giving our clients an unwavering commitment to providing exceptional legal representation and support.

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JUDr. iClic. Ronald German Ph.D. is a frequent commentator on legal issues in the media:

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JUDr. iClic. Ronald German Ph.D. lectures them regularly at international conferences and publishes in peer-reviewed journals:

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